The AVMATS Engine Support Difference

AVMATS has been servicing Sundstrand and Honeywell APUs for over 30 years. We have made it our mission to provide high-quality work at affordable prices. We provide our customers with options to help control costs, such as offering repaired and/or time remaining serviceable parts options, as opposed to only new parts. If it's new parts you desire, we can provide them however, our customers have options at AVMATS Engine Support.



  • GTCP36-100 Series
  • GTCP36-150 Series


  • T-62T-39
  • T-62T-40C Series
  • T-20G Gemini Series

Specialized APU Services

  • Turbine/Compressor Rotor Replacement
  • All APU Inspections/Service Bulletin Compliance
  • State of the Art APU Test Cell - Full Data Acquisition System
  • Loaner APUs based on availability
  • 24/7 after-hour Technical Support (314.565.0805)
  • 24/7 after-hour Parts Support (636.532.2674)
  • T-62T-40C Series APU Training - FAA-approved 2 day course
Supported APU Lines
Part Number Manufacturer Capability Application
T-20G-10C3 Sundstrand OH Lear 60/ Lear 60XR
T-20G-10C3A Sundstrand OH Lear 60/ Lear 60XR
T-62T-39 Sundstrand OH Falcon 20, HS-125, Sabreliner
T-62T-40-1 Sundstrand OH UH-60 Helicopter
T-62T-40C Series Sundstrand OH Falcon 20, Hawker
T-62T-40C2 Sundstrand OH
T-62T-40C3A Sundstrand OH Citation III
T-62T-40C3A1 Sundstrand OH Citation III
T-62T-40C7A Sundstrand OH Citation III
T-62T-40C7B Sundstrand OH Bombardier Dash-8, -100 thru -300 Series
T-62T-40C7D Sundstrand OH Bombardier Dash-7
T-62T-40C7E1 Sundstrand OH EMB 120
T-62T-40C8D1 Sundstrand OH Hawker 800
T-62T-40C1 Sundstrand OH Sabre 65
T-62T-40C7E2 Sundstrand OH Falcon
T-62T-40C8D Sundstrand OH Hawker
T-62T-40C14 Sundstrand OH Embraer Legacy and EMB-145
GTCP36-100A Honeywell OH Falcon 50
GTCP36-100E Honeywell OH Challenger
GTCP36-100G Honeywell OH Gulfstream III & IV
GTCP36-100H Honeywell OH Gulfstream I
GTCP36-100H2 Honeywell OH Hawker 700
GTCP36-150F Honeywell OH Falcon 900
GTCP36-150W Honeywell OH Falcon 20
GTCP30-92C Honeywell OH Hawker
GTCP30-92C(A) Honeywell OH Hawker

Hamilton Sundstrand LRU & Controller Repair Capabilities

In addition to the APUs listed above, AVMATS Engine Support has the repair capabilities for a good number of APU Line Replaceable Units (LRUs) including the fuel pump, acceleration control, fuel solenoid, start bypass valve, Speed-Temperature-And Bleed air controller (STAB Box), and the Electronic Sequencing Unit (ESU).