JT15D Flat Rate Exchange Program

There are occasions when the cost of major service to an engine can outweigh the value that the engine can provide. Other times, the burden of budgeting a costly service event, with no foreseeable cost ceiling, is simply too onerous. Regardless of the situation, our No-Bill-Back Exchange Program can help. If the following conditions are met, we offer engines from our exchange pool on a No-Bill-Back basis.

Supported Engine Model Lines

  • 4 Series: JT15D-4 & JT15D-4B
  • 5 Series: JT15D-5A, JT15D-5D, JT15D-5 & JT15D-5R
Core requirements

To qualify, engine core must:

  • 1) Pass bore-scope inspection performed by AVMATS
  • 2) Have no more than three life-limited parts due at overhaul
  • 3) Operate within normal operating specifications