Engine & APU Services

We are committed to providing quality customer service and support. Our management and service staff are qualified and trained to respond to your needs.

AVMATS offers a full array of major Engine & APU services through AVMATS Engine Support, an AVMATS-related and FAA-certified company.


AVMATS is an Authorized Honeywell Line Service Center for the CFE738 Engines and the TFE731 classic -2, -3, -4, -5, along with the new generation -20, -40, -50 and -60 series.

  • Honeywell CFE738 & TFE731
  • Pratt & Whitney JT15D & JT12

Auxiliary Power Units (APUs)

AVMATS is an Authorized Honeywell Line Service Center for GTCP30-92, GTCP36-6, and GTCP36-100/150 APUs.

Sundstrand Honeywell
T-62T-39 GTCP30-92
T-62T-40C Series GTCP36-6

Engine & APU Services

5-Point Runs & Vibration Surveys Engine Borescope Inspections Engine Removal & Reinstallation
Engine Pre-Purchase Surveys Engine Corrosion Inspection (CF700 only) LRUs (Line Replacement Units) & Troubleshooting
MSP-Authorized CSP-Authorized Routine Inspections
S.B. & A.D. Compliance Damage Evaluation Engine Historical Research
Loaner Engines