Your aircraft's appearance reflects your image, but it must also provide a comfortable in-flight environment. Our interior design team offers an extensive range of services from simple carpet and upholstery upgrades to custom galleys and precision cabinetry, soundproofing, and high-end electronics. We work with you to achieve the results you'll be proud of. You have many options to choose from including the flat-screen TV, MSA window shades, LED lighting, and your choice of sewing patterns.


AVMATS' interior shop is located at our Spirit of Saint Louis Airport facilities. The entire interior refurbishment is completed at this location, including all upholstery, side panel fabrication, composite cabinet and table construction, and everything else down to cabin hardware powder coating. This means that, if you are interested, you can follow your interior's progress through all stages of completion.

Our interior shop can make your older corporate jets look brand new. From the new style side panels to the powder-coated cabin hardware, AVMATS' attention to detail is unsurpassed.