AVMATS Celebrates 30 Years of Excellence

Apr 15, 2008

AVMATS, headquartered at Spirit of St. Louis Airport, celebrates thirty years in the corporate aviation business this year. A.C. "Butch" Giessman formed AVMATS in 1978 as a source for surplus aircraft parts, pioneering in the concept of purchasing and dismantling airworthy and undamaged corporate aircraft to support the existing fleet of Sabreliners.

Fueled by overwhelming customer acceptance, the years following have produced enormous product diversity and geographical expansion. Accessory and component overhaul capabilities were added with the creation of Corpair Supply Company, Inc., along with the construction and certification of a fully equipped, state of the art instrument shop.

AVMATS constructed three hangars and shop facilities at Spirit of St. Louis Airport to accommodate expansion into maintenance and structural repair services for the Sabreliner, Falcon and Hawker aircraft. They offer a full complement of avionics parts and installation sales featuring Honeywell, Collins, Garmin and Universal dealerships. AVMATS is a Honeywell Authorized TFE731 Engine, Honeywell GTCP 36-100 Series APU and GTCP 36-150 Series APU Line Service Center. They also have the capability to perform hot sections on JT15D Series engines.

Another major milestone was the formation of Aviation Turbines International, Inc. (ATI). In 1991, ATI received FAA certification for Pratt & Whitney JT12 engine overhaul and the conditional inspection and repair of the Sundstrand T-62T-39 and T-62T-40C Series APUs. In addition, ATI performs hot sections and overhauls on Honeywell GTCP 30-92, GTCP 36-100 Series, and GTCP 36-150 Series APUs and is a recognized Pratt & Whitney JT12 and JT15D and General Electric CJ610/CF700 engine overhaul facility.

AVMATS has also gone international with the addition of a facility in Bournemouth, England. The facility in the UK provides APU service & rotable parts support to Europe, Africa, and Asia.

The latest expansion for AVMATS was to MidAmerica Airport (BLV) - Scott AFB in Mascoutah, IL with the development of a 27,000-square-foot FBO. At this facility, AVMATS offers full FBO services and performs maintenance on corporate aircraft. The new corporate terminal offers a pilots lounge, planning area with WSI radar and a computer with Internet access. MidAmerica offers the luxury of a 10,000 ft runway, very light traffic since it is outside the Lambert - St. Louis traffic pattern, and the efficient response of AVMATS personnel to provide the quickest possible turnaround.

In addition, AVMATS is a major subcontractor to the US Navy as well as a prime contractor to the US Army and US Coast Guard.

AVMATS also does work for Mexican and South American military and government agencies.

To date, the AVMATS family of companies occupies more than ten acres, at four physical locations, supporting 46,000 square feet of hangar and attached shops, over 100,000 square feet of warehouse facilities, 20,000 square feet of dedicated component and accessory overhaul space and 42,000 square feet of engine and APU shop space. At these locations, just over 240 people are employed. Resources have been dedicated to staffing the shops with industry leading technicians, skilled and experienced in the repair and overhaul of various engine and flight instruments.

Throughout AVMATS and its subsidiaries, quality, technical accuracy, and competitive pricing have been prioritized by senior management's example. AVMATS is ISO 9001:2000 Registered. The frills and showcase cosmetics adopted by some service organizations have been intentionally avoided, freeing up valuable resources to pursue yet additional areas in the "total aircraft" concept.

AVMATS is a leading provider of aircraft parts for Sabreliner, Hawker, Falcon, Gulfstream, Learjet and Citation aircraft. They have grown substantially since 1978, expanding from parts sales into maintenance, interiors, accessory repair/overhaul, instrument repair, avionics repairs and installations, major airframe repair, modifications or inspections, engine services, APU repair/overhaul and more.

For more information about AVMATS please visit our website at www.avmats.com or call us at (636) 532-2674.