AVMATS Increases Support for your Sabreliner by Inking Deal with OEM

Jul 27, 2017

Earlier this year, Sabreliner Aviation closed its operations in Perryville, MO and Centurion Investments, Inc. d/b/a AVMATS (”AVMATS”) assumed the role of Authorized Service Center and Distributor for all variants of the North American Sabreliner aircraft covered by FAA Type Certificate Data Sheet No. A2WE ("Aircraft”).

In addition to the parts, services and support that you have traditionally received from AVMATS, now AVMATS will handle Sabreliner Proprietary Repairs through the component manufacturers, purchasing and distribution of Sabreliner Proprietary Parts from the parts and component manufacturers, and perform the component maintenance and repair of the Flap Actuators and the Flap Power Drive Units in the AVMATS FAA Part 145 repair stations. AVMATS also has the ability to install the Sabreliner STC’s and mods previously available through Sabreliner. This will allow AVMATS to support and maintain the Aircraft while Sabreliner retains and maintains the Type Certificate Data Sheet No. A2WE, as well as the various Sabreliner developed Aircraft STC’s ("Intellectual Property"). Sabreliner aircraft owners, operators, and maintainers should contact AVMATS directly for their Sabreiiner support.

Call AVMATS at 636-532-2674 and the following contacts are ready to support you:

Joe Schnettler - Sabreliner Program Manager

Paul Jamerson - Sabreliner Tech Rep

Joe Rion / Doug Gardner — Customer Property Repair and Overhaul

John Marshall, Duncan Porter, Betty Schmidt - AVMATS Parts Support

Tom Stanton - P&W JT12 Engine and APU Repair / Overhaul