Paul Jamerson Retires After 38 Years With AVMATS

Jan 18, 2023

Since 1984, Paul Jamerson has been a valuable member of the AVMATS family. In the 38 years that Paul has been on board, he has served in nearly every capacity, helping to build this great company.

Below you will find a few stories that Paul’s colleagues wanted to share about their time working with him.

Rich Vollmar

Paul has been invaluable to AVMATS during his lengthy employment! I have one very fond memory about Paul's amazing abilities. In typical fashion, we were working on a Sabre late into the evening. The plane was scheduled to leave and it had an electrical problem. Joe Schnettler and I were doing our best but we were unable to figure it out so we decided to call Paul.

Paul answered the phone, and as it was in the evening, he was relaxing on a recliner. As always, he was happy to help. We described our problem and after thinking for just a minute, he offered his fix. Not only did he tell us where the suspect relay was located in the airplane, he provided the identifying number and which contacts to check on the relay! We removed the relay, bench tested it and found he was absolutely correct!

Roberto Martinez

Paul & I started traveling in 1988 to South America & Mexico. All of the customers shared with me the admiration they felt for Paul. They were amazed by his knowledge and ability to teach, communicate and resolve issues that an airplane might have. And, above all of this, Paul remained humble.

One customer asked me if somebody had implanted all of the Sabreliners' wire diagrams into Paul's brain? They made this remark because of his ability to troubleshoot an electrical problem without looking at the diagrams. Thanks to Paul Jamerson and his extraordinary technical skills, AVMATS was able to bring Sabreliner maintenance to our facilities and increase our customer base all over the world.

Joe Schnettler

One of Paul's famous sayings is "Respect Lunch". When I started in '93 it was common for me to work right through lunch, grabbing anything I could to eat during the day. Paul and Ron Ryan would walk by my office and ask if I wanted to join them for lunch. If I said I was busy, Paul would say, "You have to respect lunch!” It wasn't until years later that I fully understood what he was talking about. That break in the middle of a hectic day is vital to keeping your sanity.

Another item of note goes back to the 90's when we almost exclusively worked on Sabreliners and several of our customers were from Mexico. Often times I would come into Paul's office and he would be on the phone with a customer from south of the border providing detailed technical support in Spanish. At the time, Sabreliner Corporation was still in business however nobody had the technical knowledge Paul did, let alone the ability to speak Spanish. This, along with relationships Roberto Martinez forged over the years brought many Sabreliner operators to our facility rather than the OEM Type Certificate holder.

Paul retired December 31, 2022 from AVMATS. His retirement plans include travel and enjoying his favorite hobbies which are shooting, gunsmithing and radio control aircraft. Although retired, we’ll be seeing Paul around as he will continue servicing the remaining Sabre Fleet.

Congratulations Paul on a wonderful career!